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Our approach is different

We believe in what we do.

At McPeak and Associates, we navigate the legal process for our clients through a legal and business lens to ensure you get two-dimensional representation. We listen, and bring Intelligent, Creative and Effective strategies based on decades of experience and proven results.

Practice Areas

Our firm, based in Dallas, Texas, represents clients in state and federal courts in a variety of commercial contexts including:

Business Counseling
Commercial Litigation
Family Law
Labor & Employment Law
Financial Services Litigation
Arbitration & Mediation

Banking & Finance
Corporate Governance & Compliance
eDiscovery/Document Retention & Preservation
Franchise & Commercial Real Estate

Who we serve

The firm’s founder, Marc McPeak has represented some of the largest and most sophisticated companies in the United States:

JP Morgan Chase
Goldman Sachs
Bank of America
Bear Stearns

EMC Mortgage Corporation
Textron Financial Corporation

We know that our team can guide you through the legal process with personal care, trust and a thoughtful and deliberate approach to getting you the results you deserve.

We are committed

We practice law for you.

We are proud of our reputation and standing in the community and are passionate about fighting for the rights of our clients.

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